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  • The Clintons – mourning a calamitous defeat

          The Clintons, according to reports, are analysing what went wrong in the election and sorting out their plans for backseat involvement in the Democratic Party in the time ahead, having giving up any thought of standing for public office again. While Hillary has an upbeat patch in September/October 2017, on the whole she’s facing a confusing and discouraging year, taking time to recover from a poleaxing failure. If her birth time of 8am is sound then tr Saturn is moving through the lowest point of her first quadrant for three years ahead which is usually a sinker for ego and ambitions. And Jupiter will be going through her 12th from later this year for 12 months which …Keep reading »
  • Qatar & UAE – late decade will bring trouble to the Gulf

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        Qatar, tiny but energy-rich and one of the wealthiest Arab countries in the world, has a major stake in Europe in property and businesses. It has been feeling the pinch with the oil price drops recently but is diversifying into infrastructure projects and cutting back on cultural and World Cup 2022 costs. It is an absolute monarchy under Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani who is close to the Muslim Brotherhood and is run under Sharia Law which allows flogging and stoning; with severe restrictions on freedom of speech and faces criticism for its ill-treatment of migrant workers. The Emir was born 3 June 1980 and has 9 children by three wives. He’s a Sun Gemini trine Pluto, …Keep reading »
  • Theresa May trying to reboot the special relationship with USA

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            The UK doesn’t know whether to cheer or scream as PM Theresa May in her desperate search for new trade allies post-Brexit bags an early slot in Donald Trump’s visiting dignitary calendar for late this coming week. Politics was always going to win over principle when it comes to economic survival; and from Trump’s point of view the UK offers the unique and glittering prize of a Royal visit. Oddly enough, Theresa May, for all her schoolmarmy prudery, does appear to blend reasonably well with Trump. Their relationship chart has an exuberant composite Mars trine Jupiter, sextile Venus; with Venus conjunct Sun – so enough friendly positives to outweigh the risks of the composite Sun Mercury …Keep reading »
  • Ashley Judd – fighting her feminine corner with zeal

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      Actress and political activist, Ashley Judd, was in fighting fettle on Saturday’s Women’s March in Washington and didn’t pull any punches in a poem she read out.  Written by a teenager it was called ‘I am a Nasty woman.’  “ I’m as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in Cheetos dust. A man whose words are a death trap to America. – I didn’t know devils could be resurrected but I feel Hitler in these streets. A moustache traded for a toupee.” URL: Born 19 April 1968 1.12pm Sylmar, California, with a country music singer mother and sister Winona, and a father involved in horse racing, she has acted throughout her adult life – Missing, Double Jeopardy, …Keep reading »
  • Trump’s NY Black House & Organisation – built to endure but not always happily

        The ‘Black House’ as Trump Tower is known to New Yorkers was opened to great fanfare on 14 February 1983. It was proclaimed as Donald Trump’s “fantasyland for the affluent shopper” as “flamboyant, exciting and emblematic of the American dream.” The fantasy turned sour fairly rapidly as it was ridiculed by architectural critics – ‘a pink marble maelstrom’ – and abandoned by celebrity residents, who sold their pads to swindlers and felons. Glamorous boutiques bailed out, leaving ordinary ones and empty space in their wake. So it’s had a chequered history from its grandiose start. Trump still lives there and it was the location for television reality-show The Apprentice. It has a dourly determined Aquarius Sun trine …Keep reading »
  • Barack & Michelle Obama – a few bumps, then into gear for the future

        Barack and Michelle Obama have choppered off to a few days sunshine in Palm Springs before returning to Washington for their younger daughter’s final two years at school. They made the handover in typically gracious style, earning plaudits from Trump, which must have been hard given his contemptuous and relentless birther campaign when they first moved into the White House; and in the knowledge that he’s about to take an axe to Obama’s legacy. It was more of a shock to Michelle who has her Solar Arc Uranus square her Mars in Aquarius; and if her birth time of 1.56am is sound her Progressed Moon is also conjunct her Mars – so she’ll be fuming fit to bust. …Keep reading »
  • President Trump – dreams meet realpolitik

      The deed is done, the die is cast and the USA (and the world) stand on a new frontier. Exactly at noon 20th January 2017 Donald Trump swore the oath of office. There isn’t the same enthusiastic Sun Jupiter in the 10th as there was for Obama’s first term; but nor is it as difficult a chart as GW Bush’s muddled, explosively aggressive and dirty-dealing first term. Nor at all like Richard Nixon’s, for anyone hoping for an impeachment. There’s a 12th house Uranus opposition a 6th house Jupiter which on the one hand could be adventurous in seeking remedies for employment which is his stump and inaugural promise; though it also points to underground rebel movements who don’t …Keep reading »