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  • Harry Styles – private and determined Aquarius

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      Harry Styles, an award-winning English singer songwriter, formerly of the pop rock band One Direction, now solo, is upping his acting career appearing this year in Dunkirk, a WW11 thriller movie starring Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy and Kenneth Branagh. It’s a stellar cast. One LA journalist even suggested Styles might be up for a 2018 Oscar for Best Supporting. Born 1 February 1994 12.06 am Redditch, England, he’s got his home-loving and private Sun conjunct Venus in Aquarius in the 4th, square a confident and money-attracting Jupiter in Scorpio in his first, trine a 12th house Libra Moon. His Mercury in Aquarius conjunct Saturn, also in the 4th, squares Pluto in the 2nd so he’ll certainly be …Keep reading »
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  • Britain heading for the door – a sharp reality check

        Fears about a catastrophic hit to the UK economy from Brexit appear to be receding with employment at an all-time high and UK manufacturing, construction and trade data beating expectations; the homebuilding sector is trading back at pre-Brexit levels. Though the real effect will only be felt when negotiations start after this March and the deed is done in 2019. On the UK chart there is a Solar Arc MC square the 8th house Mars (business finances amongst other things) which is exact in four to five months’ time. This follows on from the Solar Arc Sun square Mars which came exact at the referendum result in mid 2016. So there will be a considerable jolting shock then, …Keep reading »
  • Scotland Referendum – try, try again

          Domestic support for a second Scottish independence referendum is rising with the likelihood of Nicola Sturgeon announcing it at the same time as Brexit pushes off in March. Though it’s unlikely (?) to be held until 2019. Scotland voted substantially for remaining and the SNP wants to move into the EU if they win. Though the economic arguments are, if anything, worse than they were in 2014 for the previous referendum which voted 55-45 against. And the SNP’s record of running the NHS, schools, police and budget since they took over responsibility in 2007 is the subject of ongoing criticism. One argument is that Scotland could end up like Greece, and that’s if they could make the …Keep reading »
  • Bill Paxton – Mars Pluto loss

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      Actor Bill Paxton, best known for his role in the sci-fi classic Aliens, The Terminator, Apollo 13, True Lies, Titanic and the TV mini-series Hatfields and McCoys, has died aged 61 of a post-surgical stroke after a heart operation. Born 17 May 1955 in Fort Worth Texas, he was a Sun Taurus square Pluto in Leo with Pluto square Saturn in Scorpio, so quite a heavy-duty, bleak chart. To balance up the difficulties, he had Venus in upfront Aries opposition Neptune square a lucky Jupiter Uranus in Cancer. His Moon possibly in Pisces may have been on the focal point of a Mutable T Square to Mars in Gemini opposition his North Node – an accentuated Moon often appears …Keep reading »
  • Netherlands election – high anxiety amongst the tulips

          The Netherlands election on March 15th has the EU on edge since there is a possibility of populist, anti-immigration, far-right Geert Wilders winning. He’s riding high in the polls and his party will certainly make substantial gains. Though the likelihood is that it will end in a coalition government. There is also unease about the Dutch parliament discussing in a few weeks’ time the feasibility  of pulling out of the euro because it is hurting domestic savers. Since Dutch politics are seen as a bellwether for Europe, leading the way with developments which tend to be followed by other countries later, there is a palpable sense of an existential crisis looming for the EU. With the French elections …Keep reading »
  • Dion Fortune – wielding power for good – and others for ill

              The Neptune Pluto in Gemini conjunction of the late 19th Century spawned the brutal megalomaniacs who wreaked destruction in the 20th century – most notably Hitler and Mao Tse Tung, with Stalin being born earlier with Neptune and Pluto in Taurus. But Neptune Pluto also has a supernatural streak, a yearning for and a connection to a parallel universe of unseen forces and information. Control-freak dictators and practitioners of magic are more interconnected than you might imagine, since both are concerned with manipulating extra-human power. White magic for good; and black magic and ruthless leaders for personal ambition and revenge. Hitler had Neptune Pluto conjunct in his 8th house which gave him the ability to tune …Keep reading »
  • Sarah Palin – get ready for fireworks

      Sarah Palin’s absence from CPAC, the US conservative conference, has raised eyebrows with questions being asked about whether her meteor has crashed and burned. In recent times she’s been focussing attention on her celebrity brand rather than politics. But she’s by no means down and out. Her Solar Arc Mars will conjunct her Jupiter in Aries, exact in two months; with her Solar Arc Sun conjunct Jupiter in 15 months from now, both of which will refuel her exuberance; and tr Pluto will make a morale boosting square to her Jupiter in September/October this year – all of which should return her to her brashly, over-confident self. Admittedly tr Pluto is also square her Solar Arc Mars Saturn in …Keep reading »